Client Projects

Create Live and Multi-media training sessions for local and state administrators and officials about Gov 2.0, Transparent Government and Open Data. A Pepperdine University Davenport Institute initiative with New America Foundation to facilitate understanding and scalability of massive changes occurring at all levels of Government.


Instantly turn a first time politician into a brand and establish his credentials in person and online to run for Congress. Created speaking, platform, points, social media and digital strategy. Compete against multi-million dollar ad campaign.


Work with an unruly and unmanageable board of directors of a registered 501(c)3 foundation to help bring understanding of needs versus ego. Digital Strategy.  Devised management strategy to make shift from analog world to digital world.


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Gov 2.0 Training with Davenport Institute
Specialized training for local and state government officials.July 30th, 2013

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